Super Stick Phase
A silly stick man and his silly stick adventures.

Last update: Sept 9, 2009.
If you would like to donate to the cause - I'll obviously gladly accept. Even tiny amounts will help! I will be as grateful as I will be amazed. ;)


Donations will go toward the following:

-  To help cover the new server I just bought and installed (Nov 14). My first real server, sniff! My old one has was failing more and more often. Was having lots of problems. (it was just a 5 and a half year old regular desktop, after all)

-  A faster internet package so the site moves quicker.

-  A new printer/scanner. (I'm borrowing my neighbors atm)

-  Paying the maintenance/operating costs.

Want to help? You can Digg recent SSPs, see the Donate page, or link your friends.

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